Meet Loretta

A powerful and dynamic speaker, Loretta Goebel mesmerizes her audience with her
Loretta Goebel, A Life in Parts
straightforward approach. She conveys her personal message of strength, hope, love and faith with a unique, down-to-earth style that draws in every member of her audience.

Loretta grew up as one of four sisters in a close-knit traditional Midwestern home. After high school, she moved to Chicago where she earned a certificate in public relations, working first at a travel agency, later in banking and eventually becoming the convention services manager at a large Hyatt Hotel in the Chicago area. A few years later, she married, had two children, and took on the role she felt she was born for – that of a stay-at-home wife and mother, providing the best possible environment for her family.

But her seemingly perfect life took a different turn when a common strep germ invaded her system, and she soon found herself at death’s door. She made it through – though not without consequences – there was a price to pay. But Loretta’s strong spirit, determination and love of life did not let that stop her. She simply found a “new normal” and got on with her life. Her devastating, yet uplifting personal story inspires everyone who has had a setback of any kind to get back to the business of living.